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What is wrong with these other people? Either I'm ordering from a different restaurant somehow or these people are fussy babies (I'm guessing it's the latter). Yes it's expensive, but that's because it's good gourmet pizza, not some greasy corner slice. Roberta's salad is AMAZING, the pizza is great, and their garlic knots are OUTTA THIS WORLD (when you can get them, they are often sold out for this very reason). Their delivery time is reasonable considering their volume of business. Plus they by far have the most handsome delivery guys I've ever seen (ever!) so make sure you look cute when you answer the door!


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My roommates put me on to the Bee Sting pizza. My choices are usually to just go with margherita or pep and keep it basic. Also got the salad. It was amazing and literally a whole head of Romaine leaves. I just wish it was cheaper because paying $30 for a medium pizza and a salad that was romaine, cheese, dressing and candied almonds...idk. I mean $18 for a pizza, 15 or 14 makes more sense... would have been great. But overall the food is amuhazing.


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Always on point, perfectly cooked pizzas, right balance of sauce and toppings...Ordered on the grubhub app. Two pies, 35 bucks. 25 minute wait. Needed a little heat when we got home but as to be expected since they traveled 15 minutes in the back of my car. A much better alternative to an hour wait to eat in the restaurant.


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The Millennium Falco is one of the most consistently and reliably delicious pizzas I have ever encountered. Even when confronted with the challenges delivery might pose, the Millennium Falco always arrives hot, fresh, juicy, and unforgettably tasty. Bravo, ROBERTA'S!


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I order from here every other weekend, pricey but their ingredients are top quality so I get it. I order their batard as my bread for the week and it's great. The wait is long but worth it.

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I was in need of some pie this afternoon. When I placed the order I was given an hour eta, which is an appropriate wait time, so I figured I had time to take a shower. 20 minutes later my dogs barking at the door and I'm caught off guard by how quick the pizza got here. Best way to end an afternoon shower I guess. Hot pizza 40 minutes early! Yeah. Food was tastey as always.


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So I know you guys don't need this review but when I ordered on seamless the other night and entered the wrong phone number and the deliverer came to my house but couldn't deliver my pizza so I called and they said they would make me another one but I would have to come and pick it up because it was late that was really awesome and I love Roberta's now and so should you.


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Been eating here for over two years - through delivery from seamless, to-go, and dining in - and it has yet to disappoint! They wait is always longer than one ever truly wants to wait, but it's what one has to do to get delicious food at a place everyone else wants to eat at, too! Well worth the wait.

(Wish the pizzas cost less... But oh well.)


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The salad had fresh, crunchy romaine hearts and the dressing had what tasted like a fish base. By the way there was lots of dressing! The pizza crust was light and a little olive oily (which I love!) and it settled very nicely in my stomach so I was able to enjoy the whole pie in one sitting.


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The food was, as ever, truly amazing.

However, the wait time was astronomic. That said it was totally in line with the website (2 hours).
I've had pizza delivered by Roberta's in under half an hour in the past, so I have no idea what's going on there. Maybe demand was through the roof.

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